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Policy of HONSA Ltd regarding application for positions and CV-s


Dear Applicant, 


Before you would send your application and CV on post to us or submit the form electronically, plese become familiar with our data protection policy regarding job applications and CV-s.


1. Data manager’s data


Data manager: HONSA Ltd.

Seat: Üszögi utca 20. 7630 Pécs


2.  Purpose of the data management


Managing and administrating applications and CV-s sent to HONSA, to acquire new employees, and to have to opportunity, to select them.


3.  Legal background of the data management


Managing, storing, recording and forwarding of personal data described in the present information sheet will be executed on base of  a) (1) §6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR of the EU). All applications and CVs sent or submitted to us will be treated as voluntary agreement to the data management defined below in the present information sheet.


4.  Managed data and time interval of data management


Personal data appearing in applications, CV-s, motivation letters and other documents sent or submitted to HONSA Ltf will be managed, recorded and stored according to the present information sheet. Storage of the documents cannot exceed 1 year from receiving. Data owners of the managed data will be called up afterwards whether they agree to manag their data for a next year. If there is no call or the agreement will be rejected, data will be irreversibly and irreparably erased, destroyed. All managed data will be used exclusively during hiring and selecting proceeding of employees, furthermore they have to be applied for decisions, whether applicants are qualified to be employed.


5.  Data access


All applications and CV.-s sent or submitted to HONSA Ltd will be exclusively managed by authorized employees of the company. Data will be handled out to third person neither for statistical nor other purpose.


6.  Data safety


HONSA Ltd has to take care about safe preserving and protecting of application and CV-s as it is enabled with regard to its economic and technological opportunities. The electronic data base will be protected by passwords, whereas the access to it has to be protected by setting diverse access levels within the company.


7.  Rights with regard to the data management and opportunities of right enforcement


Applicants are entitled to ask:


  1. to be informed about the management of their personal data, especially about the managed data themselves and their source of obtain, about the purpose, claim, time interval of the data management, the name, address and competence of the data processor, furthermore, if personal data will be forwarded, about the claim and addresses of the data forwarding.
  2. to correct their personal data;
  3. to erase or block their personal data;


Any kind of questions, remarks with regard of management of personal data please submit or send to chief of department of human resources at the HONSA Ltd. at, or to the internal representative for data protection at


In case of presumed violation of right or even of danger of it, applicants may turn to the National Board for Data Safety and Information Freedom (Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság [1125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.]). If applicants do not agree with a decision made by HONSA Ltd regarding management of their personal data, within 30 days they can go for law to a court of the residence of them.


Pécs, 16th of November 2018 

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