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In 1999 Honsa Ltd. was founded in the southern part of Pécs by the German owned Koller Group. Over the past nearly two decades besides Pécs and Hungary, it also has grown into one of the most prominent automotive suppliers worldwide. Honsa Ltd. is proud to have achieved significant changes over the past decades with stability, constant development and quality being in focus.


We are committed to ensuring our position as a market leading automotive supplier with high quality products hence contributing to the economic growth of the region.  We fully comply with the highest requirements of automotive manufacturers. We supply most of our partners with loadfloors, which due to the automated technologies exceeds 4 mio loadfloors per year.


It is nearly two decades that we have been one of the most dependable and largest employers of the region. Regarding competitiveness we are considered to be market leaders in our own field. Our product is our own innovation which can be flexibly adapted to the needs of our partners. The technology used is the brainchild of our Pécs engineers and professionals. 


Honsa Ltd, a proud advocate of CSR, annually conributing to Rotary to aid children who are in need. Honsa Ltd. is devoted to broadening its corporate social responsibility in the future.


Honsa Ltd. is a German automotive supplier established in 1994 with production plants in three continents.


As a company attributing utmost importance to CSR, we think of those who get less on weekdays! Every year, our company contributes to the help of Rotary Club Pécs for disadvantaged, hardworking and talented students, and before Christmas we distribute our gifts to children living in orphanages in Baranya. We have brought Honsa Day to life, where our colleagues can have a great time together and besides, we have Christmas and Santa celebrations every year. We also support local sports: we have made a partnership contract with the well-known racing driver of Pécs, Róbert Mérai, and have been a major sponsor of the Kozármisleny handball team for years. We maintain a close relationship with the University of Pécs, where our specialists teach classes, but we are also regular participants in career orientation events and exhibitions. In addition, we open our gates to interested young people, and regularly organize factory visits for the younger generation. We take part in the Teach for Hungary government program and joined the #ajelenajövőd initiative of the Pécs-Baranya Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



  • Stability - we create a safe workplace and a decent living for our employees.
  • Productivity - We produce over 4 million products per year for our premium customer base.
  • Success - Securing corporate and individual goals is highly important. Our success is the result of team effort guaranteed by the team working for us and the Koller Group.
  • Empathy - We pay attention to one another, we try to understand and trust each other, both inside and outside the company.



Focus on the future

The mission and vision of our company focuses on the future: it records the future status of Honsa Ltd. as well as the reasons for the existence of the company and the mission it intends to fulfil.

Our mission is to build high-quality load floors, parcel-shelves and trunk systems for premium car brands as a trustworthy, open-minded company, based on tradition, and planning for long term. Due to our continuous development and the expertise of our skilled, local employees, we make sure that the city of Pécs contributes to the global success of the automotive industry.

Our vision is to further strengthen our leading position in the automotive supplier market by 2025 and to produce complete trunk systems for a growing number of partners.


Photos from the factory




General informations


  • Location: Pécs, Hungary
  • Founded: 1999
  • Land area: 90.000 m²
  • Production area: 19.000 m²

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